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Revd Dr Alison Morgan is the author of many books and publications. She is an Associate of The Mathetes Trust, a registered charity formed in 2016 to support and encourage Christian discipleship both within the UK, and through Rooted in Jesus, a practical discipleship programme for Africa.

Alison has a PhD from Cambridge University and prior to her ordination into the Church of England in 1996 worked as a university lecturer; she is the author of an internationally recognised work on the poet Dante. Alison worked for many years alongside her husband Roger in parish ministry, first in Corby and then at Holy Trinity Leicester, where she oversaw the church's ministry of prayer for healing. From 2004-2016 she worked as thinker and writer for ReSource, which seeks to encourage the renewal of the Church for mission.

Alison is the author of many publications, but she is best known for The Wild Gospel (Monarch 2004, now on its third printing), The Word on the Wind (Monarch 2009), and Following Jesus: The Plural of Disciple is Church (ReSource 2015). Alison is the editor of Rooted in Jesus, and author of the various training materials which are used to introduce and support it.

Alison is co-author (with John Woolmer) of the healing course In His Name and (with Bill Goodman) the Lent course Season of Renewal. She was a contributor to Mission-Shaped Questions (CUP 2008). Her most recent publication is an anthology of poems for reflection and meditation, Something Understood (The Mathetes Trust 2017). To find out more about these and related publications from a wide range of writers visit the independent Academia website, or check out the publications page. Rooted in Jesus has its own website and blog.

In her spare time Alison enjoys ornithology, walking and cycling, and photography. She and her husband Roger live in Somerset.


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